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Critical review piece by our cofounders Raj Rajak and Tashi Tewa on The Doctor and the Saint by Arundhati Roy


Why We need to talk about caste, Jerusha Rai and Tashi Tewa

IRWGS Spring 2021 Graduate Student Conference “RADICAL CARE” Team member Tashi Tewa, Sona Khatik, Premila van Ommen, Anudeep Dewan

Baldev Ram – From Rebellion to Change, Haatemalo Team, April 1

“I am not angry at what happened to Nabaraj. I am scared that it will happen to me” by Binayak Sundas


One of our founding member Jerusha Rai talks to Forus international podcast “A Space for Us’ about our Haatemalo Collective, Dalit and Indigenous struggle in Nepal, and responsibility of privileged creative people working in this struggle.