We are an international community of individuals from various Dalit and Indigenous Nationalities and allies of Nepal supporting the Dalit Bahujan Movement in the annihilation of caste through mutual aid & public discussions.


Supporting Dalit Families in Mugu

Initiated by our members Hira Nepali and Bishnu Maya Nepali, our collective work supporting Dalit families in Mugu who lost their land few weeks ago due to torrential rainfall. It was a joint effort by @storiesofnepal @karnaliarts and @haatemalo_collective 

Mutual Aid for Indigenous Chepang families 

We, Rajkumar Bote (Secretary at Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, Chitwan), Indrajit Praja (Secretary at Nepal Chepang Association Chitwan), Bhim Praja (President at NCA, Chitwan) and us from Haatemalo Mutual Aid Team) wanted to do what we can to help our Chepang friends through this mutual aid. This livestocks now collectively belongs to 10 families and will be collectively managed by the community.