Mutual-Aid initiative for the first Anti-Caste Discrimination Library in Kathmandu, Nepal

Throughout history, the atrocities experienced by Dalit Bahujan communities cannot be understated or forgotten. Currently, despite strides in legislation, the violence continues. Reports from various advocacy groups show that in 2020 alone, at least 80 cases of caste discrimination were reported, increasing by 50% compared to the previous year. A sharp rise in assault and murder of people from the Dalit community was reported, over 200% more compared to 2019.

Amidst such violence, public support continues to be minimal. Moreover, barriers to learning about caste discrimination are perpetuated by the current education system and mainstream media that continues to spread Brahmanical ideology in covert and overt ways, where dialogue about caste discrimination is omitted, and the historical experiences of Dalit-Bahujan communities erased..

We strongly believe that democratising knowledge production and dissemination, and interventions in practice are mandatory to challenge and dismantle these forms of violence perpetrated by the existing Brahmanical system. Furthermore, we need non-Brahmanical knowledge and practices at the center of our movements. At present, communities in Kathmandu do not have access to key anti-caste discrimination resources. With materials from Savitribai Phule, Periyar, B.R Ambedkar, and Kanshiram, amongst others, absent from libraries in Kathmandu, the need for a space that houses these materials supporting the anti-caste emancipatory movement to annihilate caste, and renewing Dalit-Bahujan relations is essential.

Moving forward, the Haatemalo Collective has identified the need for an Anti-Caste Discrimination Library. Not only will the space house anti-caste learning resources, it will also provide a safe, community-centered space for support and organizing for and by Dalit-Bahujan people. To realise this goal and sustain the initiative for five years, we are seeking your support to raise $15,000 to fulfill the following:

Rent for a library space

Purchase of Anti Caste books

Wooden bookshelves and racks (20)

Chairs and tables (20/10)

Computer and a printer (2)

Salary for a librarian designated at Rs. 12,000 per month.

We are hopeful that our aspirations for amplifying the voices and needs of the Dalit community and dismantling discriminatory practices are in alignment with yours.

We look forward to hearing from you
Haatemalo Team