Dalit Movement Discussion Series

This discussion series is hosting some of the active community organizers in Nepal’s Madhesh Dalit movement to talk about their experiences, challenges, and perspectives.

Our aim is to: 1. Annihilate the caste system, 2. Listen to Madheshi Dalit activists who are continuously working in the Movement 3. Spread information about the ongoing mutual aid support

Hindu Monarchy-Resistance and Retaliation

About the speakers

Indu Tharu is a researcher and writer working on the issue of marginalized people’s activism and movements. She is also a published author of works such as ‘Muktik Dagar’ and ‘Nilambit Nibandha’. Currently, she is a student enrolled for MAINS- Masters in Inter-Asia NGO Studies at SungKongHoe University, Seoul Korea.

Dr. Binayak Sundas is Assistant Professor at Centre For Himalayan Studies, University of North Bengal. He writes on Himalayan History, Nepal and literature. He hails from the himalayan foothills of Darjeeling.

Rajan Sagar is an educator affiliated with Pokhara University and an academic activist. He advocates for Human Rights and emerging issues around it with a special focus on Dalit Rights through the Ambedkarite lens.

IRWGS Spring 2021 Graduate Student Conference “RADICAL CARE”

-Team member Tashi Tewa, Sona Khatik, Premila van Ommen, Anudeep Dewan

Discussion Recordings

The Politics of Karnali with Mr. Tashi Tewa Dolpo

Art Resistance from the Margins- by Darnal Award for Social Justice, Team member Sona Khatik and Manish Harijan and our dear friends Hira Nepali and Ujjwala Maharjan

Dalit Community and Menstruation Pad2Go, team member Sona Khatik

Quixote’s Cove Sunday Sessions with Prateebha features songwriter and music producer Jerusha Rai in conversation on her journey of song writing and music

Quixote’s Cove Sunday Sessions with Prateebha features writer, researcher and indigenous activist Tashi Tewa Dolpo, in conversation about his involvement with the Nepali indigenous movement, and how he took up writing to tell stories of Dolpo