Mutual Aid for Indigenous Chepang families 


Subash Thebe Limbu from Haatemalo Collective, was fortunate enough to meet and speak personally to our Chepang friends from Kusum Khola, Madi, Chitwan and hand over livestocks, thanks to your generous donations. We met at a place called Bagai (see images) in Madi, from there Kusum Khola can only be reached via 2 hours walk.

The 10 families in Kusum Khola whose houses were burnt down by Chitwan National Park officials, are still in the same place with very minimal infrastructure and waiting to be housed by Madi Municipality. 

In the meantime, we wanted to do what we can to help our friends through this mutual aid. The amount was not substantial , though we- Rajkumar Bote (Secretary at Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalities, Chitwan), Indrajit Praja (Secretary at Nepal Chepang Association Chitwan), Bhim Praja (President at NCA, Chitwan) and us from Haatemalo Mutual Aid Team) wanted to work with Chepang friends that might alleviate their situation in some form, or could lead to other possibilities. 

This instalment was a long process because of covid but we have finally managed to deliver. This livestocks now collectively belongs to 10 families and will be collectively managed by the community. Our Chepang friends are very pleased and sends you all a big thank you.

This though is not the end of our mutual aid, we are still working and will appreciate if you want to spread our message and mutual aid.

Many thanks 
Bhim Praja, Indra Jit Praja, Rajkumar Bote
Jerusha Rai and Subash Thebe Limbu from Haatemalo Collective