Haatemalo Collective X

About Us

We are currently an international team of individuals from various Dalit and Indigenous backgrounds of Nepal. Our collective vision is to bring together all Mulniwasi Bahujans (diverse indigenous identities) for social justice and equity


Our aims are to:

  1. Assist in practical support through mutual-aid fundraising by working with Dalit support organisations to raise funds for families of victims of caste-violence.

  2. Create discussions about Dalit issues through public conversations with Dalit activists, especially supporting Madheshi Dalit community organizers, women & LGBTQIA+ storytelling, Madheshi Dalit artists.

  3. Raise awareness of Dalit issues through the arts and music.  

How is this different to other Dalit rights focused organisations? 

We are a team of volunteers who work as a bridge between existing Dalit rights activists and organisations, and the wider Nepali society of remaining castes and ethnicities. Our job is not to replace them but to work as a channel of support as allies. We believe that it is the responsibility of all Nepalis to listen to the concern of the most marginalised groups among us. As a team of mixed castes, we believe we should lead by example to work together.

Measurable Impact

Supporting Dalit families in Mugu

Initiated by our members Hira Nepali and Bishnu Maya Nepali, our collective work supporting Dalit families in Mugu who lost their land few weeks ago due to torrential rainfall. It was a joint effort by @storiesofnepal @karnaliarts and @haatemalo_collective

Aid to Chepang families

We managed to deliver the livestocks which now collectively belongs to 10 families and will be collectively managed by the community.

Mutual Aid for Families of Murdered Dalits

All together we raised $11,569, distributed to 4 families of murdered Dalits during an incredibly difficult time. We are grateful for the guidance from Sanyukta Dalit Sangharsha Samiti on how to organize in solidarity with the most marginalized communities

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