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Dalit Movement Discussion Series

EP10: Aryan Rajak is a theatre artist from Sisauliya, Sarlahi. He is presently working with Asmita Theatre Group, Delhi under the guidance of prominent theatre director Arvind Gaur. Aryan has been working on innovative, thought-provoking plays and performances of social-political relevance with this group.

EP 9: Mohan Lal Sonkhar, from Mahapuruwa, Nepalgunj, is the chairperson of Samarpan Nepal. As one of the leading organizers of the Madhesh Dalit movement in Lumbini, he is involved in many different social initiatives like empowerment for the disabled in Madhesh.

EP 7: Rajmangal Lodh is working as a social supporter for LGBTIQ community in Nava Jeewan Kapilvastu. Belonging to the Madheshi Dalit LGBTIQ community, he has been working to secure the human rights of LGBTIQ for the past 10 years. He has also been informing and counseling the community about HIV/AIDS and its treatment.

We strongly believe in collective vitality in our fight for the annihilation of the caste system

Mutual Aid for Families of Murdered Dalits

Caste-violence in Nepal is increasing everyday. Dalit communities are often denied justice by governing bodies. Help the families of late Malara Sada, Rajesh Rishidev, Tribhuwan Ram and Roshan Ram attain justice. !The mutual aid is created to assist the grieving families to attain justice.

Rwoaun Karnali

Contribute to the mission of Karnali Art Center, Mugu that preserves and promotes the local art, culture, language, literature along with tangible and intangible cultural heritage of karnali and making it part of our livelihood which creates a culturally vibrant community.


Mutual Aid For a Dalit Family

We lost our dear comrades, Guru Sharan Sada, based in the Dalit Musahar family, and this mutual aid in collaboration with his partner Shanti Saday is for her family, children’s education and their future.